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Don’t ever underestimate the power of business card marketing!

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How you market yourself with your

business cards is an essential strategy for a brand.

What’s the very 1st thing someone does when they start a business? The company name, the domain, and before you even have a location you need business cards. Sometimes before you have a phone number. Why? Because the need to connect with people is wired into our DNA. In addition to this, the power of networking has and will always prove to be more powerful than any other form of advertising. People connecting with other people is part of our existence.

When you hand someone your business cards, it’s a direct extension of you and your brand. You have a few small inches of space to make a point and create a dialogue that could lead to a small business or essentially substantial business opportunities.

Nice New Cards’ doesn’t only design & print, we can work with you to develop a strategy on how your brand is perceived, and we start this with creating impactful business cards. It makes a huge difference!

Business card marketing is a commonly overlooked element of most companies. Some companies will waste 10’s of thousands of dollars if not more on search engine ads but will go cheap on one of the only tangible items their staff and team members hand out to people daily, Their business cards.

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Nice New Cards always has their hand in the deal.

This is as a result of visiting card marketing strategies. We have helped countless clients leave strong 1st impressions due to the detailed quality of the premium business cards we have printed for them. We’ve seen businesses grow and people speaking highly about them from day one due to the impact of their trendy business cards.
It’s instantaneous. You hand someone an amazing business versus a generic, boring business card and watch what happens. Look at their facial expression!
That split second that someone reacts to what you hand them is worth all the money in the world. Will they remember you? Will they better understand you & your brand ? Laugh?  Appreciate the attention you put into the details of your on marketing? The questions could go on and on, but nevertheless, this series of questions is called business card marketing.

Nice New Cards puts a lot of time and energy into our clients that need this and call it fancy if you’d like, but it works time & time again.

Are you ready to step up your business card marketing strategy? We will make sure that you stand out! Give us a call, and let’s go over your needs and not only create a business card marketing plan for you but also design & print you cards so that we make sure you will STAND OUT from the rest. If you can be sure to check out this amazing article in FORBES about the tips on how to make your business cards Standout.

Are You Ready To Take Your Business Cards To The Next Level?