Colored Edge Business Cards

Add A Pop Of Style With Colored Edge Business Cards.

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Colored edges business cards are always a smart choice

for the customer that wants to stand out while still being subtle. Sometimes, just that little pop of color makes all the difference for your brand and your business cards. The most satisfying approach to colored edge business card printing is when it’s used on thick business cards.

As a rule, we tell customers all the time, that the only time you would appreciate painted edge cards on a standard thickness, would be when they were in a stack in the box. It’s simply not visible because it’s not a thick enough business card to notice the custom painted edge. Therefore we don’t offer it because it’s a waste. Only if a customer insists, we can do it, but we have to give our professional disclaimer before processing the job.

To really appreciate custom painted edge business cards, the thickness has to be at least 22pt. If it’s not that or thicker, it simply doesn’t make sense to do.

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In addition to the technicalities, we always emphasize to our customers that it’s the small details that make the biggest difference, and this philosophy holds true with our painted edge cards.

We offer a wide variety of standard edge colors,

in addition to being able to mix specific Pantone colors for an additional charge. The most popular option from our standard edge chart that we offer is the metallic gold colored edge painting, with the black colored edge taking 2nd place and 3rd place going to the rose gold painted edge.

Above all, your business cards tell a story about you and your brand. With colored edge business cards, you are indeed letting people know the importance you put in the small details, and in most businesses, this is what has the most significant impact. Come in and see all of our options so you can stand out with Nice New Cards and our colored edge business cards. * might also want to check out foil edges. Be sure to check us out on Pinterest for more examples.

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