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Nice New Cards does it all,

therefore, yes, we absolutely print business cards in non traditional sizes!

We always laugh at the fact that the United States is the only country that uses inches and feet. All other countries use meters, centimeters, and millimeters as measurements.
In comparison to us, The UK calls their business cards, visiting cards, and their standard size is 85mm wide by 55mm high, which is the size of a credit card. This is slightly different from the size of standard US business cards, so even that is considered custom.

Another knick name for a popular size that would be considered custom is the slim business card. The Slim card is 1.75” high x 3.5” wide, in addition to this size there’s also skinny business cards which are 1.5” x 3.5”. Needless to say, we make custom sizes. These are not to be confused with custom shaped business cards. We print those also. If you want your business cards to stand out, we will make it happen because that’s just what we do! From skinny to slim business cards, thin to extra slim cards, we will get it exactly how you envision it.

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remember, you always want your business cards to stand out in a pack and

therefore we don’t really recommend having cards that are much smaller then others, but hey, we only make tons of premium business cards a year so what do we know?… (kidding) No, but seriously if you asked us what we think the best non traditional size for a business card is, that’s most impactful for networking, we would push you to do the social card, which is 2.5″x2.5″. These are great and you can find examples of them in the square business cards page.

As always we highly recommend to call us and chat. Set up and appointment and come see some of our incredible options in addition to all the ways you can customize your amazing specialty business cards with us! STAND OUT with custom features, shapes, and sized business cards, STAND OUT with Nice New Cards!


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