Die Cut Business Cards

Any Brand Will Stand Out In A Major Way With Die Cut Business Cards.

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Die cut business cards

are the ultimate form of expression. The ability to use custom shaped business cards to highlight your brand is creativity at it’s best. If that’s what you’re looking for, then we have you covered.

Nice New Cards offers two types of die-cutting. The 1st type is the traditional Die. This method is utilized when you have a specific kind of paper, or you need precise folds. The traditional method is the most common way to die-cut cards as well as specialty invitations. 

Our graphic design team will create a vector-based outline for you based on your custom shape and then manufacture a custom die. This is a thick and flat plywood sheet with razor-sharp metal inserts, dull metal inserts, and rubber padding. The Die will cut and score each impression one by one. It’s labor-intensive; therefore, the detail of the quality is immeasurable. 

You pay for the die and the manufacturing process and get to keep it if you want. Many times custom dies can produce more than 10k cuts & impressions, therefore, making them last a very long time. 

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If you’re a realtor and wanted a die cut house business card then the traditional die would be a smart option. No matter how many times you updated your information through the years, you would be able to continue to use the same die to cut your cards and maintain the overall look.

Brand savvy and brand consistency are always vital and above all, you would be able to give new and potential clients amazing die cut cards that stand out from the rest.

The other method we offer for die cut business cards

is our laser die-cutting. The laser die-cut method is perfect for our silk laminated cardsWe can make extremely precise cuts and shapes. 

This method takes the creative process of your premium business cards to another level. Some of our favorite print jobs are die-cut custom shapes. Come in so you can look, touch, and feel what we do, and you will know why Nice New Cards is the best option in Miami & Broward for custom die cut business cards and die-cut invitation. Be sure to check out Pinterest page for more examples.

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