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Always Make A Classy & Impressive Statement With Embossed Business Cards

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Another excellent premium business card option that always leaves an impression.

are Embossed Business Cards.  This feature is most popular on our thick cotton business cards. Any time you want a part of your business cards to stand out and pop, this is always a favorite.

When embossing business cards you will have pre-designated areas that raise above the surface of the card. A die-cast is created and pressed from the back of the card. This impression will make text, logos or images stick up from the surface.

The impression is always on the top layer of the business cards. In addition to being a visible effect, its also a feature you can feel in your hand. On most of our thick business cards, we will construct the cards in layers, therefore, making the impression invisible from the back. This is the new modern way to emboss. This method allows for a much more clean effect. Consequently, you won’t see the impression from the back. This looks best on our Thick Cards

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The Team at Nice New Cards 

caters to so many types of professionals and brand savvy clients; therefore, we know just how to execute the production of your embossed business cards flawlessly. 

We won’t let you down. For instance, if your goal is to stand out and have impressive specialty business cards, we have you covered. We suggest pairing  embossed business cards with a nice colored edge on a thick card. This combination is subtle and classy, and yet still unique enough to make the impact you want. Your 1st impression is a lasting impression. In other words, always be sure to make it count. When you put your brand in their hands, make sure they won’t forget you. Give us a call if you are interested in business cards with embossing, and we will go over many ways to print them perfectly for you.

Remember we always push our customers to come in and see what we offer. In addition to meeting us, there’s nothing better than being able to look, touch, and feel all the premium business card options before ordering. Above all, this ensures your satisfaction!


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