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Foil Stamped Business Cards Will Make Any Premium Business Card

A Luxury Business Card

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Our Foil Stamped Business Card

is probably the most popular we have at Nice New Cards as a premium business card option. And for due reason. Anytime you can add a metallic look to your business cards or invitations, it’s sure to take the overall vibe of your brand to another level. Gold foil, silver foil, as well as, rose gold foil, also known as “copper foil” are the most sought after, but that’s not even close to all we offer.

You can come and see over 36 fantastic foil stamping options for our digital process and over 200+ types & colors of foil for our traditional foil stamping method. Must come and see. There’s no way to really appreciate foil online.

We can apply foil stamping to our linen business, our silk laminated business cards, our velvet soft touch business cards, and our plastic business cards. In addition to those, we also offer foil stamping on our thick cotton business cards and more.

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We also have three methods of production for our foil stamped

business cards. We can apply the traditional foil stamping method, which requires us to create a metal die-cast. This method is for very specialized printing jobs on custom paper stocks therefore it makes a great, fully customizable option. We can also use our digital foil stamping method on many of our popular card types. For instance, our silk business cards look incredible with digital foil stamping. In addition to these types, we offer a very advanced form of metallic ink on certain types of premium business cards. You cant tell the difference.

We also offer a newer feature called raised foil but sure to check out that page for some images and examples.  Above all foil stamped business cards turn any business cards into luxury business cards.

Be sure to call us and come in and see all the options.
Remember, we want you to always look, touch, and feel the quality before you order. If you are looking foil stamped business cards? We have you covered!


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