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Letterpress Business Cards Bring A Level Of Class & Sophistication

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Creating an impression with impressions

is the best way to describe our letterpress business cards. The process is ancient, dating back to the mid 15th century. Old school, however, believe it or not, it’s still in demand today, and we offer it!

Letterpress is the exact opposite of embossing; therefore, many people refer to the process as debossing. In other words, it’s the same thing with a different name. Letterpress creates indented impressions, while embossing creates impressions that rise above the surface. Business cards that are letterpressed are generally considered & respected as very classy. Each card is handcrafted, and the impressions can be with or without ink. We’ve found that most customers have beautiful business card holders for their letterpressed cards.

Please note, the standard letterpress process can become expensive due to the costs involved in setting up and creating the metal die-cast. This process is also very labor-intensive, but, sometimes it’s required for specific jobs.

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Design letterpress business cards

We also offer digital debossing

on certain types of specialty business cards. This can cost a fraction of the all-in costs associated with traditional letterpressed cards. However, if you want your impressions on a custom paper stock, we have to use the traditional letterpress method.

There are many ways to utilize the letterpress effect on business cards and invitations. For instance, the most common is on the letters of your name and contact information. This style comes out the best on thick business cards. 

The most popular combination we offer for our letterpress cards is our 45pt cotton business cards with colored edges and foil stamping. These are incredible premium business cards that are sure to be noticed and therefore remembered. Don’t just take our word for it, come in and see.

We want all of our customers to see all the samples we have, so most importantly, they can get inspired, but above all, they will know just what they are getting before placing their order. Call us now & set up an appointment with us.

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