Luxury Invitations

We print more then just lux business cards, we print luxury invitations also!

luxury invitation cards
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Yes, we specialize in luxury business cards, so it’s only natural that we also print luxury invitations.

Luxury invitation cards & high end postcards are like giant business cards if you think about it. Therefore, we offer all the same features for our luxurious invites just as our premium business cards.

Imagine creating the luxury party invitations of your dreams and adding gold foil stamping in addition to gold painted edges. The card stock is 32pt with soft-touch suede laminated. The size 5×7. One that you could mail or hand to someone. There’s nothing classier than getting a luxury invitation from someone personally. It will absolutely increases the likelihood of someone attending your event by 100x.

In the day of digital everything, being able to give someone something tangible as well as beautiful, like a custom luxury invitation, makes you and your brand Stand Out, and above all, that’s what we are here to do.

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custom luxury invites

We can also do luxe postcards.

We print these for many powerful attorneys. The crowd favorite is the 45pt cotton card with painted edges & foil stamping. Imagine someone sending you a handwritten note like that thanking you for your help? Or, a client sending you an embossed thank you card in appreciation for your input on a project? This would be something you’d want to put in frame and hang on the wall!

Equally, imagine if you would send this type of thank you card to someone. Without a doubt, the feeling they would get would be impressive right?. Exactly! That’s what we are here to do! To take you and your marketing to another level with the products we offer and impress! Our custom luxury invites, and custom luxury postcards will do just that.

Give us a call therfore we can discuss your ideas and individual needs. In addition to settting up an appointment with us, we can also show you physical product samples. This is to ensure you will be getting just what you want & need. Above all you will Stand Out with luxury invitations & Stand Out with Nice New Cards!

Are You Ready To Take Your Business Cards To The Next Level?