Interested in giving your business cards a unique twist? You have come to the right place! Nice New Cards has what  you are looking for! Colored edge business cards are a fun as well as creative way to enhance your cards without taking away from their simplicity. We can create a highlight color on the edges of your cards, or even match the solid background color of your design. This is a great way to make a memorable first impression with your business card.

Colored edges add a pop of color to the sides of your full color business cards. This makes the cards look amazing from every angle. Combine our colored edge effect with other special effects such as spot uv or raised ink. Let our team of expert graphic designers help you determine the best combination of effects to add to your colored edge business cards, including the option of creating an extremely thick card.

We create our colored edge business cards by hand. Firstly, your cards must be printed the way you want them. Colored edge business cards are often referred to as painted edges because they are created by manually applying paint to the edges of your cards.

Interested in this very cool and unique type of card? Do not waste another minute! Call us today at 786-991-9066 or email us at, because we will help you bring your vision to life!