Are you looking for a rich classic design for your business cards? Enhance your cards with dimension and add a classic element- embossed business cards have a  high-end feel as well as a clean look. Add impact to your business card with this special effect. Embossing makes elements of your card literally stand out! It raises areas of one side of the card into your unique design.

Embossing is accomplished by applying pressure on desired spots, which create raised effects or indented impressions. Applying these effects on logos, titles or other parts of your business card will make it stand out as well as look elegant. Embossed business cards are an ideal way for you to bring attention to the message you want to convey.

We can help you create the perfect cards. We can even combine embossed as well as debossed elements on the same side. Debossing creates an impression of your own unique design into one side of the card stock. This duo effect will  make for some of the most unforgettable as well as stand out business cards.

Not sure what you combination of effects to choose? Our team of graphic designers will help you create a design that fits your needs as well as your brand! Our team is ready to start working on your design as well as your business cards, because we love to get creative! Call us today at 786-991-9066 or email us at sales@nicenewcards.com.