Interested in a sophisticated and classic look for your business cards? The classic texture of linen business cards will say something special about you the instant they get into someones hands. This unique woven texture adds a vintage look to your card as well as an incredible feel, making them irresistible to touch!

Linen has a cross hatch pattern on the card to give it some texture. A little texture goes a long way! Add instant class to any design with linen cards. They have a distinctive texture that not only looks, but also feels exclusive.

Choosing a linen stock card will provide you and your business with a very sophisticated and professional look. Your consumer will literally feel the difference when you hand them your Linen Business Card!

Linen business cards look best when used for simple as well as sophisticated designs. If you do not have a design, our graphic designers are ready and able to help you create one that will reflect your brand in a very classy way. We will ensure to work with you every step of the way until you are completely satisfied with the design we have created for you!

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