Raised Foil Business Cards

You Will Always Impress With Raised Foil Business Cards

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Raised spot UV cards are always impressive.

As if our premium foil stamping wasn’t impressive enough, we had to take it up a notch again. Our team had to add a little more fire to the creativity we offer. Our mission is to always give our customers the best options for their luxury business cards. This is so they can always make the strongest impressions!
Raised foil printing falls nothing short of this.

In all fairness, no matter how many pictures we take of these business cards, it doesn’t do it justice; therefore, you have to see it in person. Our raised foil business cards are absolutely amazing!

The best way to describe raised foil is like having liquid metal sitting on top of your business cards, except it’s not hot, and you can control exactly where and how it’s applied. Calling it impressive is actually an understatement!

The two raised foil color options we offer are gold and silver. Similarly, both are sure to turn heads. In addition to looking great, our raised foil is ink-based, so there is a slightly faster turnaround time with production, and their pricing is more economical than traditional foil stamping.

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raised foil business cards

If you are looking for luxury business cards & want the same effect as traditional foil stamping

but with a modern new-age twist, raised foil is undoubtedly an excellent option for you to explore. A popular combination is our premium16pt suede laminated business card with the added raised foil feature. Whether you have a black background with gold or a white background , the raised foil, in addition to the smooth velvety matte finish of the suede lamination, is sure to leave a mark on anyone you meet and network with.

This style is going to be a popular option for luxury brands that use silver and gold in their logos. Please note: due to the production process raised foil is only available for silk laminated business cards and suede laminated business cards.

Give us a call & come in to see how amazing these cards are.
There’s nothing like seeing and touching samples before you order
anything specialty. Nice New Cards will undoubtedly make sure that you STAND OUT from the rest! Be sure to check us out on Pintrest for more examples.

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