Raised Spot Uv Business Cards In Miami

Raised Spot UV Business Cards In Miami 

Need Raised Spot UV Business Cards In Miami? These cards are popular choice for businesses looking to add a tactile high-end feel to their cards. Raised Spot business cards in Miami are an amazing choice and most definitely will set you apart from the rest which is exactly what you want in a busy city like this!

The process is a relatively new one that customers are loving.

This printing technique involves applying a glossy, raised layer to specific areas of the card. Creating a striking contrast between the shiny and matte surfaces. This technique can be used to highlight certain elements of your design, such as your logo or text, and can make your business card stand out from the rest. However, raised spot UV printing can be more expensive than traditional printing methods, so it’s important to consider your budget before choosing this option.

A Modern Twist On Thermography, Raised Spot Uv Is Here.

It’s a little old school however, some customers still love it. The thermal process is created by adding a chemical to the ink. As it goes through the press, heat is then applied to make it rise. Think of watching your grandma’s centuries family secret cake recipe. You can actually watch it rise!

As technology has advanced, we now present the Raised Spot UV business cards. This process is applied on top of printed graphics and sits up a little taller than the older thermography technique, approximately 50 microns above the surface of the business card. In addition to its height, This add-on is applied digitally, so we can get precise and creative with regard to how it’s used. We can have a lot of fun with raised spot UV and the special effects we can add to your premium business cards.

Raised spot UV is most impactful on silk business cards.

In addition to suede laminated business cards. The matte finish these two types of cards offer gives a special contrast needed so one can really appreciate the visual effect of the special feature. Some people call it spot gloss, or raised UV or we’ve even seen raised spot gloss…
However, Nice New Cards calls it by what it is by its real name.

Not only in Miami but in any trendy city Raised spot UV business cards are a stylish and modern choice. For those who want their card to stand out this is a great option.

At Nice New Cards in Miami, we offer a wide range of customization options for raised spot UV business cards. We can help you choose the perfect colors, designs, and finishes that will make your card pop. Our team of skilled designers can create a unique design that perfectly represents your brand.

Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary look, our raised spot UV business cards are sure to impress. Contact us today to learn more about our customization options and start designing your own custom cards.

Regardless of your preferred specialty printing feature, Nice New Cards will be able to handle the job. Check us out on Pintrest for some inspiration.

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