Raised Spot UV

A Modern Twist On Thermography, Raised Spot Uv Is Here.

Raised UV business cards miami
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Raised Spot UV business cards are amazing!

The process is a relatively new one that customers are loving.

Many moons ago, in order to have your letters or logo raise above the surface level of your cards, there was a process called thermography.

we actually still offer it from time to time.

It’s a little old school however, some customers still love it. The thermo process is created by adding a chemical to the ink. As it goes through the press, heat is then applied to make it rise, just like bread or pizza.

As technology has advanced, we now present the Raised Spot UV business cards. This process is applied on top of printed graphics and sits up a little taller than the older thermography technique, approximately 50 microns above the surface of the business card. In addition to its height, This add on is applied digitally, so we can get precise and creative with regards to how it’s used. We can have a lot of fun with raised spot UV and the special effects we can add to your premium business cards.

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raised spot UV business cards in miami

Raised spot UV is most impactful on silk business cards,

in addition to suede laminated business cards. The matte finish these two types of cards offer gives a special contrast needed to so one can really appreciate the visual effect of the special feature. Some people call it spot gloss, or raised UV or we’ve even seen raised spot gloss…
However, Nice New Cards calls it by what it is by its real name.

Give us a call in order to come in to see the different options that we offer. There’s nothing like being able to see and touch our samples. This way you can really understand what we do and how it can work for you and your brand. Above all, one thing that is for sure is that you will Stand Out with Nice New Cards. Also, you can see some options on our Pinterest page.

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