Rounded Corner Business Cards

The Smallest Details Make The Biggest Difference. Rounded Corner Business Cards Are Proof Of This.

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Rounded corner business cards

are always a way to add a modern spin on your brand. Rounded edges are a popular feature that can we can add on any business cards we offer at Nice New Cards. From our 16pt silk cards to our 32pt premium business cards,
Rounded edges are always a win!

For instance, all of our plastic business cards, metal business cards, & wood business cards come standard with rounded edges.
This prevents people from getting scratched by the sharp edge on a thicker card. As for the rest of the business card types we offer, above all, rounded edges are an affordable addition.

When the small details make the most significant difference, we highly recommend that you consider adding rounded corners to your business card design. In addition to just looking cooler, you also never have to worry about damaging the rounded corners.

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Business cards with rounded edges

Many clients like the 1/8” rounded edge,

which similarly offer the same diameter as any credit card you have in your wallet; however, most customers love the 1/4” round edge diameter. We call this the iPhone corner because it looks just like the rounded edge on our mobile phones. That’s the most popular size of the rounded edge.

Above all, we push all of our customers to call us and set up a time to come in; therefore, you can see what we do before placing an order. After all, this is how we ensure that you are going to get just what you need, if not more.

Please reach out and see why so many customers love working with us for their premium business card needs. Stand out with rounded edge business cards and Stand Out with Nice New Cards!

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