Soft Touch Business Cards

Suede Lamination Also Known As Soft Touch Business Cards Are One The Newest Techniques Available.

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Soft Touch Business Cards,

one of the newer additions to our selection of premium business cards. Just like the name, this lamination process gives your printed business cards a very soft feel when touched. No, it doesn’t mean that your business cards will be thin and flimsy. Never that. Everything we offer is as premium as it gets.

We begin this process with a 16pt premium printed business cards as the base. After printing we laminate them with very special formulated lamination that gives off a suede like soft feel. Very similar to the silk laminated business cards process. The difference is the feel in the final product. What you end up left with are stunning 19pt premium business cards believe it or not. Because the base card is 16pt thickness, we label this way, but with the lamination, it’s a little bit thicker. 

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soft touch business cards

Some people refer to soft touch as “suede business cards”

or “velvet soft touch”. We figured no matter what people call it, let’s define it by precisely what it is and what you feel when you have it in your hands. Soft touch was the name, and we are sticking to it.

One of the most popular combinations we offer with our soft-touch lamination is to pair it with raised spot uv. Another premium business card option that will light up eyes and not empty wallets too fast. Even though the silk laminated business cards are the most popular option, these suede laminated cards are a popular runner up. Adding foil stamping to these premium business cards is also a trendy option with our 32pt thick business cards option. There are countless ways to create these specialty cards.

Give us a call, set up an appointment, and come look, see and feel the difference, in addition to all the ways we can help you design the luxury business cards of your dreams! Nothing beats being able to see what you are getting before you order. 786-500-NICE. We are ready when you are.


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