Staples Business Cards

Staples business cards? Really? 

Staples Business cards are the most basic types of cards one can buy. These visiting cards, as our friends in the UK call them, are typically printed on what a few of the BIG Corp guys like to call “card stock,” but in reality, it’s not card stock at all! 

The team at Nice New Cards doesn’t respect this approach. Tell customers the truth! Not that we want or need to bash staples or even vista print but you see for yourself. We encourage you to. Call and ask them what’s the thickest paper weight they carry, and when they tell you 100# cover, RUN! Don’t even look back!   Why, you ask? Because that’s not even considered card stock! Nice New Card’s most standard business card is on 16pt stock. Even our same-day cards are on premium 120# – 130# cover stock. That’s a business card. Yes, staples may be close to your home; yes, you may be able to walk in and walk out with what they call business cards, But is that really how you want to represent yourself? To each their own but come on… 

At Nice New Cards, we value quality and will only offer premium products and services. We will never tolerate or accept anything different. 

Staples business cards may be a cheap option 

for businesses, but do you want people to look at you and think you’re “cheap” when your networking? There are a lot of other things you would prefer to be called. Elegant? Modern? Stylish? Detail oriented? Remember, in life, you get what you pay for. Staples business cards and even Vista print business cards may be an option for some, but at Nice New Cards, we like to focus on customers who care about the impression they leave when networking. We built our brand for the customers that want to STAND OUT! 

The Nice New Cards staff always asks our customers, Do you want to stand out, or are you okay with being basic? Nice New Cards offer customization options for standard business cards, such as different paper stocks, finishes, sizes, and edge options. Most printing companies in Miami consider our standard business cards their premium business cards.

We know and understand that the basic option works for many, but we also know that flimsy and cheap is not a good look, especially when you want people to take you seriously. No matter how many business cards we print, the basic premium style will remain a top seller. Always remember that there is beauty in simplicity, but quality is our focus. In life, we have the masses and that tiny percentage of the population that really stands out. Whether it’s via success or creativity.

Now I’m in no way knocking the norm, but we would be silly not to acknowledge this; therefore, we MUST offer standard business cards. Coincidently, Our brand is most known for our luxury business cards, but we do the most volume with our standard cards in Miami. Therefore, we’ll always make sure to offer the best quality available. 

Our entry-level and most popular business card is a 16pt, full color, two-sided card, printed on an offset press, and completed in 1-2 business days. 

Available with a matte finish and shiny UV coating at no additional charge, there’s no going wrong with these cards. If you want to spice it up a little, you could always add rounded edges or Poevenly spot UV for an additional charge. You can do our basic premium cards in a square and in a custom size. 

If you are in Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Brickell, or anywhere else looking for the best basic business cards, look no further because Nice New Cards will happily accommodate you.

Just do something other than staples business cards.

We will provide you with the best quality business card printing and outstanding graphic design services. Call us, and let’s see how we can help you. Surely you should consider upgrading after talking to us; just saying, certainly no matter what, we welcome and appreciate you and your business. Even our standard cards STAND OUT from the rest!

Need help with your business card design? No worries.

Our team of skilled graphic designers will help you every step of the way.

Give us a call or email us now to get started.

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