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super thick business cards
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THICK business cards are the new go-to

for the stylish, trendy, hip, and cool. Once you do heavyweight business cards, you will never want to go back to standard business cards again.

Within our world of premium business cards, we have loads of options for you to choose from. Our custom paper thick cards are a great choice if you’re going for the high-end business cards option. In addition to those, we also offer beautiful 24pt & 27pt thick linen business cards. These are the favorite fancy business cards that so many of our attorney clients and luxury listing realtors always love. Colored edges and foil stamping are always winning combinations with these lux business cards.

Above all, our 32pt business cards and after that, our 48pt cards silk cards are also trendy options that always impress. In addition to being head-turners, just about anything is possible with these luxurious business cards.
We have hundreds of combinations and ways to apply special features to create amazing effects on these heavyweight business cards.

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Nice New Cards - Miami - thick cards

The newest additions to our business card printing options

are the 32pt and 48pt ultra thick cards with soft touch suede lamination. Like our premium silk laminated business cards selections, we can also stack these with dozens of options, creating hundreds of possible combinations of finished luxe business cards for you to choose from.

Now, there are a lot of people out there trying to jump on our premium business cards bandwagon, but they can’t produce the options and quality business cards we print.
We absolutely standout in every way when it comes to this.

Do yourself a favor and call us to set up and appointment so you can see all of our thick business cards and all the unique features that can we can add to them for you.

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