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It’s Not Everyday You See Wood Business Cards

wood business cards in miami
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Business cards made of wood are very unique.

It’s not every day that someone hands you a custom wooden business card. If this is the direction you choose for your luxury business cards, I promise you that our cards will be a major conversion piece.

In addition to being impressive, this style can really compliment you and your brand if you actually work with wood. For instance, if you had a wood flooring company. What if you were a savvy carpenter? Can you imagine the facial expressions you would get when you’d meet people and gave out custom wooden cards? Even the trendy food and beverage guy that had a warm wooden finish on the interior of their restaurant or bar would keep their brand on fire with a wood business card. Full-color Pantone printing, etching and laser cutting are some of the ways to fully customize your wood business cards with us.

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wooden business cards in miami

At Nice New Cards,

we limitlessly embrace your creativity; therefore, if you can think it, we can do it. Wood business cards are not the most popular of the luxury business cards we offer, but that is exactly what makes them so unique.

Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to stand out from the rest. In order for us to stay on top as one country’s leading suppliers of high-end premium business cards, we travel the world to find materials and techniques that we can offer you.

Set up an appointment and come see for yourself what we offer. Above all,
there’s only so much that words and pictures on a website can offer.
Come in and see all of our business cards printing we offer. Give us a call and stand out with Nice New Cards. You can also see more examples on our Pinterest page.

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